Messages in a Bottle

Look for the newspaper coverage of this story July 26, 2014!

Scenes From the Lily Pad

Untouched.  I took this photo before picking it up to inspect it. Untouched. I took this photo before picking the bottle up to inspect it.

I stopped at Arcadia Beach 4/27/14 on my trek down Highway 101 along the Oregon coast.    It had been raining and the steps down to the beach were very muddy.  There was only a couple with their two dogs that were there when I arrived.  I took a couple of photos and then noticed a bottle in the sand, rolled up onto the beach by the waves near the rocks at the end of the beach.

Curiosity kicked in, as it always does, and I walked over to investigate.  It was a bottle filled with rolled up pieces of paper.  I picked it up and could see it was mostly intact, only a few pieces of paper looked a little worse for wear.DSCF3828

I  couldn’t believe it!  Messages in a bottle, right there in front of me…

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