Manresa Castle Redux




A few months  ago my husband and I visited Manresa Castle.  It was such a fun experience and the staff was good about giving me a quick tour.    I received a bounce-back discount (as do all customers who stay at the castle)  that allowed me 50% off so my girlfriends and I decided to take the “haunted” castle for a special spin.

We stayed in the upper turret room on the right. Just below where the Jesuit priest hung himself.
Night Shot. I was astonished to be able to catch the visibility of the stars with my iphone.
The back courtyard
Barbed Brick perimeter fence








 The Rooftop Access


The first visit I was here I noticed the Roof Access Door.  Locked.  It had a window above it with a mechanism to open.  Didn’t work.  I know.  I tried three times.  I asked Lindsey about this as we passed the door again, telling her I had previously attempted.  She informed me the door had been locked for years.

So I turned the knob and it opened.  She looked a bit taken aback, her surprise didn’t seem feigned.  Excited I opened the door to find a light socket on the right and a set of very dusty stairs that went up and then turned left.  I headed halfway up the stairs before Lindsey stopped me and told me she needed to  go first as it may be hazardous.  I asked her to take my camera and photograph the scene after she turned the stairs.  The bottom picture is hers.  After you turn left, the stairs go up to a completely open hole to the exterior.  She wouldn’t let me go because of the stairs had holes.  She didn’t walk to the open window either.  It looked like there used to be a window there.

When I asked the gal at the front desk she reported a windstorm had blown off that window some time before.


Light switch inside the Roof stairwell.
The first set of steps on the stairwell, it turns left at the top.
The second stairwell leads to an open space where a window apparently used to be.


 The Basement

I did not see the basement in my previous visit so I was pretty excited when Lindsey told me she’d take us down there.  The laundry room is down there.  Lindsey also showed me the original brickwork and then allowed me access to the crawl space under the castle.  It was pretty big crawl space, I was able to stand in it.

Door to basement
Crawl space
Original brickwork
Original mudded brick
Storage space
Weird foggy window in basement
Entrance of basement from outside


 The Attic


The Jesuit nuns used this sink in the attic to wash laundry. It is still intact and in same position. It hasn’t been used for a very long time.

10969073_10205744346668925_1386917537_o 10966517_10205744351389043_1360929694_n 10965257_10205744350549022_353070862_o 10961094_10205744348028959_1034089834_o

DSCF6089 DSCF6093 DSCF6077 DSCF6075

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