Collage 🖼

I was introduced to this type of art a few years back when my friend Lisa Soderlund introduced me to it. I had no idea it existed in this form and always equated collage with those paper mashups in elementary school.

My first attempt was in the autumn of 2010, my most favorite time of year.  I went to the nearest thrift shop and grabbed an old Cosmo magazine and created this 8.5×11 piece called Pumpkin.  It remains my alltime favorite and is hanging right here in my office.

pumpkin 2010 Pumpkin

Next, I was doing a pay it forward challenge and my friend had a pug. As did I. So for the love of pugs, I made this collage and gave it away. It is the only piece I’ve parted with.

JK For the Love of Pugs

Along Came Asherah. I’ve studied theology my entire life and have a particular fondness for female characters in the Old Testament, or the coptic texts. I also love Lilith, but Ashera is my favorite because she is a representative mother of all living throughout history in the form of a tree. I approve. Again, I went down to the local thrift shop and purchased an old bible, using strips of scripture from it for the background of the Ashera collage. For more on Ashera.

10661866_10204615844417074_3950078691976569218_o Asherah

My most recent one was done in a stint at the hospital last year after my hysterectomy. I call it Broken.

10688051_10204582134534348_6738687576649318434_o Broken

And of course, the Lilypad.

Lilypad The Lilypad
IMG_8370 Lanterns in the Rain

Shawomen – completed 7/5/2015




Music is heart

I am certain I will have future collages as it is a very meditative, cleansing activity. Thus, it gets its own page on my blog.

© All rights reserved.  Chris Webber

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