cairns sj
Catching trout on the San Juan River.

Cairns on the curve of the Cedar River, Issaquah.

Cairns in Rock canyon, 9/2/17.
At entrance of Rock Canyon.
It’s all mathematics, really. Pi in Rock Canyon, Utah. 9/2/17.


I built this cairns out of the different varieties of rock up atop The Gates of Lodore. And named it Forrest Fenn. 8/13/17
whidby island
Whidby Island, WA
Froggie’s front yard
hug point, OR
Hug Point, OR
mount hood or
Mount Hood, OR
penrose point
Penrose Point Beach Park, WA


Near Bryce Canyon, Utah


west desert cairns
Cairns in the West desert, Utah
Made at Rock Canyon, Nevada



cairns hearts
Cairns made from heart rocks
Alongside Utah Lake
Alongside Utah Lake.
expedia rock
Expedia Cairns


Kozlik - At Penrose Point Beach
Kozlik – At Penrose Point Beach
Seashell Cairns.  Whidbey Island 2013.
Seashell Cairns. Whidbey Island 2013.
Cairns on Penrose Beach  12/13
Cairns on Penrose Beach 12/13
skykomish bw
Alongside the Skykomish river, WA July 2013
Whidbey Island
mom cairn
Cairns on my mother’s headstone. Bloomfield NM, May 2013.
shell cairn
Seashell Cairn – Port Townsend, WA
three cairns
Three Sea Cairns
The original trifecta stacks. Made with Thayne Forbes in Mercur, Utah.
Created by Thayne, Quinn and Justin on the southern banks of the icy Utah Lake. (2012)


Handiwork by Justin and Quinn.

Yosemite Cairn, CA

Rock on wood cairn, Petrified Park, Utah
Bluebird in West Desert
Tracey Stack at Rock Canyon
Rock Quarry Stack, near Preston, Idaho
Deer Creek Cairns 08/12 with Steve Johnson


On Mt. Rainier.
Deep Cove
Deep Cove, Vancouver Canada 2013.
hoh rainforest
Hoh Rainforest
At the head of Provo River.

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